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MANU ISHBILIA ALBERO (sportwear belt included)


For her. For him. For everyone. Manu is universal.
Manu speaks French, Spanish and English too. Manu is a global citizen.
Manu is ideal for a very special dinner with your fiancé.
Manu is the perfect fit for a casual night with your friends.
Manu is your best partner to pick up your kids from school.
Manu is your unconditional follower for THAT summer festival.
Manu is effortless. Handy. Flexible. Clever. And also Gorgeous.
Manu fits your hands, your forearm, your back, your waist, your chest… and of course, your soul.
Manu is full of character.
Manu is soft and smooth leather, perfectly alluring. Manu will melt your heart. Chuuuut…. Manu is true love.
Bonjour Manu. Hola Manu. Hello Manu.



Out of stock


Manu is our first leather bag by AZEVEDO COUTURE. It’s a limited edition.

Manu is part of our ISHBILIA fashion collection, with the AZEVEDO logos engraving on the lapel of the bag, and on the front and the back strips.

Inside you find waterproof cotton, with a leather lined pocket and two key chains.

Manu comes with one sportwear belt in leather and nylon, it attaches to the back of the bag using its two muskets.

It can also be worn independently of Manu. For this season, Manu is available in petrol blue or “Albero” yellow. Its artisanal origin is 100% Spanish (Ubrique, Andalusia).


Size: Size: 22 x 18 x 7 cm


This pack incluyes:
– Sportwear belt ISHBILIA